LyriTech Riverside 8

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Full range bookshelf loudspeakers, tuned by Nelson Pass, with Lii Song Fast-8 drivers.

LyriTech speakers are available on a pre-order basis. Shipment timelines vary, however on average, please allow a minimum of 10-12 weeks for delivery. 

*Sold and priced as a pair. 
*Prices in Canadian dollars.
*Free shipping anywhere in North America (Canada, the US and Mexico).

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    93db – 8 ohms
    Advised power ≥ 7 watts
    40Hz – 18KHz
    14.4 kg./ net / unit.
    280 x 450 x 348mm [W x H x D]

    280 x 450 x 348mm [W x H x D]
    14.4 kg each

    All of our drivers and speakers give their best sound after approximately 100 playing hours. During this break-in period, we recommend that they are played at moderate listening levels.

    All of our products have a high sensitivity; a low power amp is all you need to generate a magnificent sound. Please do not exceed the maximum rated power stated on the label.

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