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8 Inch Full Range Driver

Fast-8 is our new 8 inch full range driver in the Fast series. As the name suggests, it has a fast sensitivity, and like all Lii Song Full Range drivers, it has an exquisite and clear style of sound. With a Qts of 0.62, it can be a good choice for open baffles.

*For the new batch of Fast-8s, we have upgraded the phase cone to an acrylic one that has a standardized shape especially for the top point, without the natural knots or fissures of wooden ones, and with a surface especially designed to bring a slight improvement on the high end.

Plans for the driver

*Sold as a pair.

Now accepting pre-orders. The shipment is on its way from China and is expected in Toronto by the first week of August. Please check back for updates.

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    • PMSE-Free: 0.42 Ohms
    • Fs: 47 Hz
    • Re: 6.33 Ohms(dc)
    • Res: 64.66 Ohms
    • Qms: 7.10
    • Qes: 0.69
    • Qts: 0.62
    • L1: 0.10 mH
    • L2: 0.68 mH
    • R2: 3.73 Ohms
    • RMSE-load: 0.36 Ohms
    • Vas(sd): 69.7 liters
    • Mms: 10.28 grams
    • Cms: 1084 uM/Newton
    • Bl: 5.15 Tesla-M
    • Splref(sd): 94 dB(Re)
    • Rub-index: 0.02
    • Method: Mass-loaded (13,000 grams)
    • Area (Sd): 213.82 sq cm
    • Drc mode: Measure (-0.11 ohms)
    • Qc file: CLOSED

    26 × 26 × 26 cm
    7 kg

    All of our drivers and speakers give their best sound after approximately 100 playing hours. During this break-in period, we recommend that they are played at moderate listening levels.

    All of our products have a high sensitivity; a low power amp is all you need to generate a magnificent sound. Please do not exceed the maximum rated power stated on the label.

    Lii Song / Lii Audio Canada

    Our first deliveries will begin late June 2022.

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