Liionidas Extreme Open Baffle

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This set contains:

  • Black open baffles made with marine wood and high reflex lacquer (their easy joint system avoids the need to screw anything to assemble them)
  • A pair of our flagship Sliver-10 drivers
  • A pair of W-15 subwoofers.
  • A pair of Liionidas Crossovers
  • A few spare parts

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100 × 20 × 70 cm
40 kg

All of our drivers and speakers give their best sound after approximately 100 playing hours. During this break-in period, we recommend that they are played at moderate listening levels.

All of our products have a high sensitivity; a low power amp is all you need to generate a magnificent sound. Please do not exceed the maximum rated power stated on the label.

Lii Song / Lii Audio Canada

Our first deliveries will begin late June 2022.

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