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Address: 122 Brock Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 2L4
Phone: 647-270-5496 

Speaker Menu

Lii Song Liionidas Extreme Open Baffle
Lii Song Liionidas Fieke s6
Lii Song Glory S10
Lii Song Origins S10
Lii Song Essence C6
MACO Open Baffles
(Check back often as speaker availability can change)

Gear Menu

Thomas & Stereo - Galion TS120
Leak - 130, 230, CDT
Wilsenton R-800i & R300
Decware - TORII JR
Acoustic Invader - J-Fet Preamplifier
VIABLUE Cables - Full Line
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Bring Your Own Records (BYOR)
Heaven 11 - Billie Amp